You are looking for a Lightroom replacement that doesn’t have a monthly recurring bill. Of course you want that software to work on either the Mac or PC platforms. Well then Luminar 4 is the software you want. Even better, with the coupon code – KSIM4444 – you get $10 off the purchase price.

Easy Button to get $10 discount on Luminar photo editing software.

This screen capture shows the Luminar 4 in action with before and after tiles of the a photo with the Manhattan skyline and the One World Trade Center tower during an October sunset.

Luminar 3 software with a before and after photo of the New York city skyline just before sunset.

With your purchase of Luminar 4 you will get these exclusive filters that allow you to transform your images in seconds. The Accent AI Filter shown on this skyline photo with the boost setting at 54 analyzes the photo and applies enhancements instead of you having to do a dozen manual adjustments. 

Also exclusive to Luminar 4 is the AI Sky Enhancer filter used on this photo with a level setting of 39. The AI Sky Enhancer filter uses Artificial Intelligence to make the sky in your pictures look amazing with the slide of a button. Another included custom preset filters is the Sun Rays filter. In a matter of seconds you can add realistic sun rays to your photo and customize them to your liking. That filter wasn’t used in this photo, as the sun setting behind me and was reflecting off the buildings of the New York skyline. 

If you decide the Luminar 4 is your choice for photo editing, don’t forget to use the $10 savings using this discount code – KSIM4444 when you make your payment.