Sometimes the sky is rather plain, or sometimes it’s just impossible to capture the stars at night when you exposing the image for the neon lights of London England in one image. Now with the push of a couple buttons, you can combine a night sky full of stars with city lights at night. This image from London England was made in 2016. The stars in the sky that were added using the Luminar 4 AI Sky Replacement tools from an image made in my backyard just a week ago.

The star filled night in this image was taken 4 years after the photo and combined with Luminar 4.

This is the straight out of the camera image taken at the corner of Euston Rd & A4200 across the street from Prezzo Italian restaurant in London England. The image was captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II at ISO 200 with a 15 second exposure at f22 at 16mm. The camera was ground level on a 6 inch mini Manfrotto #482 tripod.

London England city lights at night SOOC

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